Most recent job offers

full-time Recruiter Needed at Lion of Judah Marching Band in Florida 10-30-2014
part-time REPOST: CG Instructor needed at Nick in Pennsylvania 10-30-2014
freelance Winter Guard Dance/Movement Tech FOR HIRE at Melissa Jones in South Carolina 10-29-2014
freelance Winterguard or Indoor Drumline Drill Writter for hire (FREE!) at Victor in Utah 10-26-2014
full-time Drumline Entertainment Services Available for Your Entertainment and Party Needs at Deep Impact Drumline® in Florida 10-23-2014
full-time Color Guard Caption Head and Instructors Needed at Lion of Judah Color Guard in Florida 10-23-2014
part-time ColorGuard Instructor at Nick in Pennsylvania 10-20-2014

Most applied to IT jobs

full-time Indoor Drumline Composer/arranger/Show wanted at Chris in New Jersey 18 applicants
full-time Award Winning Central NJ Band Seeking Percussion Staff for 2014 at Chris in New Jersey 14 applicants
full-time Marching Band Design for 2014 at Fusion Marching in New Jersey 11 applicants
full-time Front Ensemble Instructor at Brittany Chan in New Jersey 11 applicants
freelance Music Arranger at Victor Pezzolla in Utah 10 applicants
part-time Color guard instructor- Montgomery County MD at Adam Stephens in Maryland 9 applicants
part-time Color Guard Instructor at Cary Meiners in Texas 8 applicants


Legend:   full-time = Full Time, part-time = Part Time, freelance = Freelance